Reloadable Safely Tips

  • ALWAYS use reloadable shells in an open area, free of obstacles (i.e. – tree branches, homes and buildings, utility lines, and overhead obstructions). DO NOT ignite fireworks of any kind in close proximity to hazardous materials.
  • NEVER allow children access to reloadable shells. These devices, as in any consumer fireworks, should be operated by adults only.
  • ALWAYS ensure that a loaded shell is seated all the way to the bottom of the accompanying launch tube. Use a wooden dowel to gently press the shell into place. Position the extended fuse with the exposed green tip protruding above the top of the tube to facilitate ignition, (see Fig.1).
  • DO NOT attempt to ignite a reloadable shell without first placing it in the launch tube.
  • NEVER position any portion of your body/head over the loaded launch tube. Do not attempt to re-light a shell that fails to fire.
  • ALWAYS secure the launch tube between several sand bags, ensuring no opportunity for the tube to tip while firing, (see Fig.2)
  • NEVER use spent pre-loaded single shot tubes to launch reloadable shells.
  • ALWAYS discard the launch tube after firing all of the included reloadable shells. Each launch tube is designed to fire only the shells packaged along with it.

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