Atlas Fireworks is the nations leader when it comes to fireworks safety. Atlas is committed to improving the safety level of consumer fireworks sold in America, as well as educating the public on proper safety measures when handling fireworks.

Reloadable Shell Safety Tips

1. ALWAYS use reloadable shells in an open area, free of obstacles (i.e. – tree branches, homes and buildings, utility lines, and overhead obstructions). DO NOT ignite fireworks of any kind in close proximity to hazardous materials

2. NEVER allow children access to reloadable shells. These devices, as in any consumer fireworks, should be operated by adults only.

Sparkler Safety

  1. Those using sparklers should stand at least six feet away from each other.
  2. Never use a sparkler when sitting down or holding a child.
  3. Don’t run while using a sparkler or wave it around.
  4. Sparklers should be held at arm’s length away from the body.
  5. Always dispose of burnt sparklers in a pale of water to prevent small children from stepping on hot wires or sticks.

Responsible Disposal

  1. After you complete your fireworks display, wait a minimum of 20 minutes before collecting fireworks packaging to ensure that there are no burning materials present.
  2. All spent fireworks (as well as damaged, misfired, or unused fireworks) should be submerged in a bucket or large tub of water for at least 15 minutes or until they are completely saturated.

  3.  Seal the saturated fireworks in plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

  4. Place the plastic bag into a trash can (ide`ally, a metal container), at least 50 feet from a home, building or structure.
  5. Make sure to sweep up any remaining fireworks dust and small debris.
  6. After sitting overnight, treat all used firework materials as ordinary trash for disposal.

Rocket Safety Tips

  1. Place safety rocket launcher in the ground at slight angle with rubber mallet about 6 inches down.
  2. Place stick rocket into the safety rocket launcher with the fuse in the patented fuse slot.
  3. Light fuse and step back 5 feet minimum

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